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The Pirate Republic Bar

User Rating: 4 / 5

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32607635400 SW 3rd Ave

Fort Lauderdale, Florida



By Water  26.118157, -80.145821

The Pirate Republic Bar, Seafood & Grill menu is certainly bountiful! Guerios describes the menu as "casual gourmet". Consisting of Caribbean, South American, Mediterranean and American influences. Notable wife Claudia has incorporated specific touches of ingredients and spices with considerably large and varied menu offerings. Says Guerios, "We cook fresh ingredients with a lot of flavor. Original and simply delicious recipes... from the Seven Seas, to your table".

Pirate themed servers promptly greet you, offering a well crafted specialty drink list of age old favorites given pirate lore titles. This two story restaurant offers fresh and homemade seafood dishes inspired from the around the world, a raw bar, oversized burgers and overstuffed sandwiches that keep everyone in their seats Even a Japanese Kobe beef burger makes its way onto the menu. A sure sign the food is good and plentiful is represented with the vast numbers of diners taking portions home.

Boaters have lots of dock space and it's free, but it's best to call ahead if you have a large vessel. Also noteworthy is you can take the Water Taxi as the restaurant is a permanent stop. You will find that the parking here is free with plenty of spots along the street and inside the gated marina parking lot.