Baron's Landing Motel & Apartments

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18125 Ocean Boulevard

Jupiter, Florida

1 561 746 8757

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By Water  26.942537, -80.081955

In the days before big-money resorts began leeching the life out of so many sleepy seaside towns, vacationing in Flordia was just like this. Baron's Landing is a throwback to the sunny days of yore, when families in camper vans cruised the quiet coastal highways in search of cozy little spots to spend a night or a week. Located right on the beach, the place often plays host to boaters who tie up to the private dock and waltz right up to their rooms. Everything here is vaguely retro, from the funky furnishings to the quaint kitchenettes and the petite little pool. Stay for a night, or stay for a month. Call for slashed rates in the off season