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Elliott Key (Biscayne National Park)

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16044573ekfAssessable By Boat Only

Homestead, Florida



By Water  25.453300, -25.453300

is the park's largest island, and features both waterside and forested camping areas. Picnic tables and grills are available. Restrooms with sinks and cold water showers are available. Drinking water is available on the island, but bring some of your own as a precaution should the system go down. Two trails tunnel through the island's tropical hardwood hammock. One trail runs the entire 7-mile of the island (14 miles roundtrip), and another loops for approximately one mile near the harbor.

Restrooms with cold water showers are available. Fresh drinking water is located outside of the restroom building. It is recommended that you bring your own fresh water, just in case the generator should go down.



Boca Chita Key (Biscayne National Park)

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bocachitafkAssessable by Water Only

City, Florida



By Water  25.524547, -80.175239

Is the park's most popular island, and features an open, waterside, grassy camping area with picnic tables and grills. Toilets are available on the island, but there are no sinks, showers or drinking water.

Have and use the Nautical Chart for the area you are in. NOAA Chart 11451 covers the waters of Biscayne National Park and is available in most marine stores, bait shops, or from the Florida National Parks and Monuments Association's Online Bookstore(Parks/Camping Topic area).