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Day Trips

Small Islands

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There are a few Islands in the Miami Area that are popular with the boaters


Screen_shot_2009-12-08_at_2.26.01_PMFlagler Monument

BY Water 25.785546, -80.153396

There is one island where the "Flagler Monument" is located which is a popular destination for boats. It is located between the 395 and Venetian Causeways just west of Miami Beach. The Monument was just restored and cleaned up within the past couple of years. The West side of the Island is where all the boats beach or anchor. Information by SoFla David



Screen_shot_2009-12-08_at_2.30.25_PMMorningside Picnic Islands

BY Water 25.824244, -80.169704

There are a couple of small islands located just north of the 195 causeway between Miami Beach and the Miami Mainland. They are technically called "Morningside Picnic Islands", but no one knows them by that name. They were Cleaned up and renovated a few years ago. The southernmost island is the most popular. Information by SoFla David




Screen_shot_2009-12-08_at_2.34.16_PMBeer Can Island

BY Water 25.901091, -80.136502

The ones that ,I believe ,are refferred to as "Beer Can Island", are a couple of small islands just inside Haulover cut in North Miami. There is one large Island, and Three Small Islands. I Believe the second one from South to North is the one refferred to as "Beer Can Island". Information by SoFla David




35705687.boca01Biscayne National Park

See Camping for more Information

BY Water 25.656481, -80.162106

There are two islands in Biscayne National Park which have Camping Facilities and a Harbor with Docks for boats to dock at. Both are popular Winter Destinations, but the Mosquitoes and No-See-ums make them Ghost towns during the Summer months. Information by SoFla David


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Screen_shot_2009-12-06_at_5.52.53_PMBY Water 25.901928, -80.128613

This is a fun spot to boat to. During the weekends you can find dozens of boats anchored there. The depth is typically between 5-10ft, so people just hang out, blast their marine stereos, and play in the water. There's even a barge raft that floats around selling hot dogs and drinks. They deliver to your boat via inflatable canoe. How cool is that?! By Marcos R. Miami Florida




BY Water 25.656481, -80.162106

Stiltsville (Just south of the Tip of Key Biscayne) Information by SoFla David.








BY Water 25.491780, -80.186482

Most popular is Sands cut (also reffered to as Elliot Key Sandbar). Information by SoFla David.



Bayside Marketplace

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Screen_shot_2009-12-06_at_1.04.56_PM 401 Biscayne Blvd., R106

Miami, Florida 33132-1924

(305) 577-3344


By Water  25.779405, -80.185311

Indulge yourself at Bayside - the best food, fun, and shopping Miami has to offer. Whether you are interested in our vibrant marketplace, exotic restaurants, daily live entertainment or national brand name stores. Bayside's wealth of activity offers something for everyone. Come experience Miami, visit Bayside!