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Welcome to Stuart


Screen_shot_2009-12-02_at_12.58.11_PMA Yachtsman's Paradise could well describe the waters around the Treasure Coast. Point your bow in from the ocean through the St. Lucie Inlet, and to the north is the sparkling ribbon of intra coastal waterway. You can go all the way to Norfolk at mile marker #1.

To the south you will pass some of the most spectacular scenery in Florida and follow the magenta markers to as far as the Florida Keys. Travel under the new Roosevelt Bridge and the Palm City Bridge and you are on the "jungle ride" to wonders of Lake Okeechobee and the west coast of Florida. Across the Atlantic Ocean, the Bahama Islands are just hours away by boat from the St. Lucie Inlet.

Whether you are paddling a kayak, in a canoe, or on a motor yacht or sailing vessel, you will find a fine diversity of boating pleasures here. You can picnic on a spoil island, tour the lovely homes sprinkled along the shoreline or dock at the St. Lucie Inlet Park to enjoy a nature walk to the ocean.

You may see the elusive and charming manatee, dolphins will roll up and over the surface of the water alongside your boat and mullet will leap and twirl. Martin County waterways are a haven for bird watchers. Several varieties of birds including great blue herons, hawks, ospreys, spoonbills, brown pelicans, egrets and seagulls are a common site.

For more information on boating in Martin County visit the chamber of commerce website at www.stuartmartinchamber.org

By Sue Hedgepeth

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