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Peck Lake’s

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9324510pecklakeBy Water 27.114223, -80.142464

Closest Boat Ramp

At one time this area was an inlet. Sand deposits entirely separated the ocean from the Intercoastal Waterway. This created an anchorage on the Intercoastal side.
Boaters can stop, walk a few hundred feet and enjoy a beautiful ocean side beach. Access to this area is exclusive to boaters.
This area can become crowded on weekends.
Camping is not permitted on the beach. However, many people seem to overnight on their boats at the anchorage here.
Boats of all sizes anchor in Peck Lake’s sandy bottom. Be careful of shoaling to the south.
The best approach is to stay in the Intercoastal until you are directly perpendicular to other anchored boats (or the trail marker that takes you to the beach), then head straight in. Again, watch out for shallow water!
Peck Lake, Florida is a terrific destination, particularly for a day trip from the south. Getting there you will pass the Jupiter Lighthouse, Jupiter Island (the wealthiest place in America), Hobe Sound and a natural preserve. The manatee zone between Hobe Sound and Peck Lake seems like it goes on for ever, but the scenery is beautiful

Local Information provided by Rob, of the Palm Beach Boating Guide Photo by Steve Powell


Note: Note that sometimes Peck Lake is called Pecks Lake or Peck's Lake. Technically, both Pecks Lake and Peck's Lake are incorrect.  Locals cringe every time they hear "Pecks Lake" or "Peck's Lake."