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Day Trips

City Docks

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By Water 26.712762, -80.048383


The City of West Palm Beach’s downtown waterfront revitalization recently took a major step forward with the opening of three new public docks along Flagler Drive.

Use of the three docks is free, including for boaters. However, rafts are not permitted to use the docks. Commercial vessels may only dock if they have a City-issued permit. The docks are open seven days a week from 5:00 a.m. to midnight. Boaters are required to register with the dock supervisor by calling 561-822-2222. Dock 1 (the northern-most dock) has a maximum capacity of 12 vessels, dock 2 (the middle dock) has a maximum capacity of 24, and dock 3 (the southern-most dock) has a maximum of 12. 

The middle dock is the main pedestrian dock, offering the perfect spot for families taking a walk, businesses people looking for a tranquil spot to enjoy lunch or visitors soaking in the downtown scenery. It features unique underwater ecosystems, planters with native plants, shaded seating areas for the public and day docking for boaters.

Peanut Island

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By Water 26.773202, -80.049109

Website & City Website

peanut-island-party-spotPeanut Island is the obvious choice for the Palm Beach County’s top boating destination. It has a dock, anchorage, designated swimming area, snorkeling, sandbars, picnic areas, restrooms, showers, camping, footpath, museum and presidential nuclear bomb shelter. On an incoming tide the nearby Lake Worth Inletfloods the area with crystal clear blue water. Nearby are the famous homes of Palm Beach and the large ships at the Port Of Palm Beach.Peanut Island is manmade. It’s a big pile of dredged sand created over the past 80 years. It got its name from a peanut oil shipping terminalthat at one time was to be built there. The county has done an excellent job turning Peanut Island from a seedy hangout into a beautiful and enjoyable place for everyone. The facilities are second to none.


PEANUT ISLAND'S EAST SIDE: The main facilities are located on Peanut Island’s east side. This is just across the channel from Sailfish Marina. The island’s dock, restrooms, public phone, drinking fountains, picnic area and developed campground are all located here. There are sandbars in the area so be careful when crossing from the channel over to the dock. All of the dock spaces are free and open for day use by the public. They’re “first come, first serve.” Overnight the dock can only be used by people using the paid campsites. Note that the current is especially strong at the dock. It’s tough to tie-up on an incoming or outgoing tide! There is an anchorage just south of the docks. Many times it is easier just to anchor and swim in than to use the dock. The paid campsites are wonderful (they’re available through the county.) There is some good snorkeling in the swimming area and around the dock.

Local Information provided by Rob, of the Palm Beach Boating Guide

County Website for Peanut Island


Additional Information:

We ask that no vessel be operated through any Designated Swimming Area, (Tidal Basin), or Lagoon. For the safety of the public, as well as protection for the local manatee population, please observe the Boating Safety and Manatee Protection Zones that surround Peanut island and posted throughout the Lake Worth Lagoon. Palm Beach County Manatee Zones

Nearby Anchorages: South of the Blue Heron Bridge, near Red Day Mark 40. There are two anchorages. One is south of the bridge west of the channel. The other is south of the bridge, east of the channel and east of Peanut Island. Many boats are anchored in these areas.


New Law: Starting May 18, 2012 alcohol is off limits on Peanut Island in Palm Beach County, a decision made after years of complaints about rowdy behavior. But those anchored just a few feet offshore can keep the liquor flowing.


Peanut Island Natural Areas Beach Camping Update: North end CALL office for status (561) 845-4445
South end CLOSED until further notice due to high tide