Sailfish Marina Resort

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gallery_39pbsf98 Lake Dr

West Palm Beach, FL 33404-6218

(561) 844-1724


By Water 26.777385, -80.040172

Indulge in waterfront dining at its finest with daily features from our Executive Chef Bryan Cheney. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Sailfish Marina Restaurant, where fresh local seafood is the true star of the menu. Your choices range from Abaco grouper and dolphin to Florida spiny lobster and stone crabs. We buy right off our fishing boats when available

Local Information:

Immediately east of Peanut Island at Sailfish Marina. Nice seafood. Interesting “Outdoor Aquarium.” Ship's store has sandwiches and drinks for those in need at nearby Peanut Island

Local Information provided by Rob, of the Palm Beach Boating Guide