Local Boating Locations

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112_8_Big_Shell_Island_Sand_BarBIG SHELL ISLAND SAND BAR

By Water: 26.522684, -82.010175

This is a fun place to go to if you are short on time and do not have time to run further out. This is a great place to grill out and meet friends and family. Pull right up on the beach. Remember pull up on the rear of the beach (the NE side) as long as you run on close to the island you will have good water. I would not bring a large boat around the rear side. This sand bar is not as nice as say a real beach, the sand bar does have rocks and some oyster shells, however, the kids can still play and have a great time and dad can still fish from shore. Depending on the time of year, you can catch, Sheeps Head, Red Fish, Trout, Snook and snapper right from the Sand bar. If you get to hot and want a treat, hop in the boat and go get an ice cream from Bearon’s Water Weenie Taxi across the Channel ( you cannot miss it, it is the only floating ice cream boat you will see.) to Shell Point Cove also known as Cocktail Cove. This is a quick location to get to and if the weather gets nasty as it often storms in the summer time, you will be close to your home port.


117_IMGP9872shanewilsonBOW DITCH POINT

By Water: 26.465557, -81.967885

I have another really great boating guide tip that is often overlooked. Have you heard of Bow Ditch Point? It is on the far north tip of Ft. Myers Beach. The really neat thing about this area of the beach is that there are not a ton of people this far up the beach. Now here is the cool thing, this location is great for everyone. If the Gulf is choppy or rough you can pull around the rear side (bayside) of the point and get out of the choppy waves. The beach here is really nice and offers the good sand if you know what I mean.




173_IMGP1900shanewilsonCHARLIE'S PASS

By Water: 26.569078, -82.206436

It is located on North Captiva Island. Charlie's pass is an unofficial name for it, but everyone calls it Charlie's Pass. Years ago when Hurricane Charlie came through, it literally blew a hole right through the island, hence the name Charlie's Pass. It was plenty deep to bring larger boats through it. In a short time, the pass began to close up to where it looked like a little creek that only skinny water boats could get through. A very short time later the creek closed up. Now it is an amazing place to go to.



Local information and pictures provided by, Shane Waterfront Wilson